Current Business Support Rates

On the whole, we charge a standard rate of £36* per hour for Remote (i.e. telephone, dial-in or email) Standard Support (Windows PC/Laptop, mobile devices) and £50* per hour for on-site Standard Support (Windows PC/Laptop, mobile devices). £46* per hour for Remote Advanced Support and £65* for our on-site Advanced support.
*All rates are subject to VAT at 20%
We charge per 30 minute increments as follows:
 Location  Minimum  Duration  Unit  Increments  Unit  Price 
 Onsite Standard (Windows PC/Laptop, mobile devices)  1 hour charge  30 minute  £50 + VAT
 Onsite  Advanced (Mac, Advanced Server, Linux, Networking)  1 hour charge  30 minute  £65 + VAT
 Remote Standard (Windows PC/Laptop, mobile)  30 minute charge  30 minute  £18 + VAT
 Remote Advanced (Mac, Advanced Server, Linux, Networking)  30 minute charge  30 minute  £23 + VAT
If you do not know what your rate will be (e.g. some work will be Windows rates and a part may be networking), please contact us to clarify. We are sure that we can come to an agreable rate.
Sometimes, working on an hourly basis wouldn’t feel right, so we try to agree a fixed price for the job called a ‘Set Project Fee’, these are different for each project. An example of this would be a complete website design. If you’d prefer to engage us on a Set Project Fee’, please ask when you contact us.
In exceptional circumstances, such as overnight and at weekends, we may charge more. Please note that we do try to be as flexible as possible, and will only carry out work which will attract the higher rates with your approval:
 09:00 – 19:00 (Office Hours)  19:00 – 09:00 (Out-of-Hours)
 Monday-Friday Standard  £50 + VAT  £70 + VAT
 Monday-Friday Advanced  £65 + VAT  £90 + VAT
 Saturday-Sunday Standard  £70 + VAT  £105 + VAT
 Saturday-Sunday Advanced  £90 + VAT  £126 + VAT
When you engage us, you will sign a Form of Agreement. This is a short, single page document which clearly sets out how you will be charged. The last thing we’d want is for you to be surprised when you receive your next invoice.