Email is central to anyone’s business. Imagine if somebody hacked your email server? Yes, I know it is unthinkable. Try a simple experiment, to check the safety of your email system:

    1. You can possibly connect to the system through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) you can access this by either going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection, or by simply typing mstsc.exe into Search bar or the run link in the Start Menu.

    2. Type the address of your mail server. An example of this is or Your mail server address is an MX record which is a special DNS name that forwards all email to a particular server. An easy way of checking this is to open up a command prompt (type cmd in the search bar or select run and type cmd), and then in the command box that opens up type ping replacing the is the email address of your company, e.g.

    3. If you enter that address in your Remote Desktop Box and can connect to the server and it presents you with a logon box – THAT IS A VULNERABILITY!

If a malicious user could discover or guess the username and password of an Administrator of the business, they could access your systems and cause havoc, even possibly deleting all your data!

If steps 1-3 proved positive, we think you should discuss this issue with our staff to make basic changes to secure your comany’s systems from external and internal threats.