We are re-sellers of Business ADSL and Fiber Optic Broadband and offer this at the same price or cheaper than BT, but with the added benefit of having our dedicated attentive engineers at hand to complete the transition smoothly.

bullet ADSL Broadband up to 24MB depending on the line with a 500GB limit – £29.99 per month + VAT
bullet Fiber option 1 up to 40MB download and 10 MB upload with a 500GB limit – £39.99 per month + VAT
bullet Fiber option2 up to 80MB download and 20 MB upload with a 500GB limit  – £49.99 per month + VAT

Additional Benefits

  • Up to 40Gb Allowance
  • No MAC Code Needed
  • Choice of Contention & Prioritised traffic
We also offer the following:
  • A guide to help configure your existing routers
  • Preconfigured routers are also available
  • Static IP addresses are available
  • Technical assistance is available for new installations and migrations
  • Combine this with our VOIP telephony and you will have a robust, efficient and dynamic Internet & Telephony network

Please contact us for more information on 0800 612 0956

Affordable Rates

We offer some of the most competitive rates in London for business IT support, please visit the Business Support Rates page where you will find pay-as-you-go costings. If you would like to discuss a contract with us, please call us on freephone 0800 612 0956, email us at support@wimbledonit.com or via our Online form at Contact Us