Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, Off-site Backup and Data Duplication

Disasters can come in many forms and can be when you least expect it. It’s important that your business is prepared.

Critical data can be recovered and your organization can become operational as soon as possible.

A Disaster Recovery plan is essential in these cases. Just remember the following:

  • Is your Data backed up regularly?
  • Are your backups documented?
  • Are your backups stored offsite?
  • Has your solution been tested?

Remote Offsite Backup

We are able to offer a complete remote backup solution which gives total protection against data loss.

We work in conjunction with major players in the data backup and archiving arena. When disaster strikes we will get you up and running again, simply and quickly.

We can provide daily backup, recovery and storage ensuring the highest levels of data protection. By further implementing Virtualization technologies, your systems will cease to be dependant on hardware which makes backup and restore much simpler as the systems become just a set of files to be replaced in case of server or data failure.

SANs (Storage Area Networks)

With SAN Storage your data and Virtual Machines (VMs) are stored in a secure set of hard drives which havebuilt in redundancy to protect your data. For this reason, SAN storage is costly on a per Gigabyte basis. To counter this, some clever people have come up with a technology called deduplication.


Deduplication ensures that only one copy of each file is stored on the SAN. For example, if you consuder the case of an email that has been sent to 20 people. This data is going to be duplicated 20 times on the email server. Deduplication will store only one copy and make pointers to the replicated data in all the relevant mailboxes!

With the ever increasing demand on storage and the seemingly exponential growth of data, this deduplication practice is now standard on many SANs including the entry-level systems.