Computer Repairs & Computer Upgrades

Whether your computer makes strange beeping sounds, does not turn on, or just needs a little TLC, we have the answers. We will diagnose your problems, suggest a solution in your best interests, and implement it in a cost effective manner. In some situations a simple upgrade may be the most cost effective way to be back on track.

We provide a hardware upgrade service for PCs and laptops. If the performance of your system is being limited by insufficient memory or too small a hard disk, these and other deficiencies can be remedied for the cost of the parts plus a small labour charge.

Where possible, we will fix any problem with your system. Depending on the age of the system, an upgrade may be recommended.


Reliable, affordable home IT support

Most days, our team of IT experts fix computer problems in homes throughout South London. Whether you want urgent help to get your computer working again or advice on a new purchase, you can trust Wimbledon IT to provide the answers you need.

You can chat with one of our IT experts about any issues you have or advice that you need, call us today on freephone on 0800 612 0956, use the contact form, email us at or use the ‘Live Chat’ web-app.